Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why you will not get a Christmas card from me

I haven't bought any. As if, on top of all the shopping and stressing out I still have left to do, I have a free hour (yes, it will take me an hour...maybe more) to pick out cards. I'll stand paralyzed in the Seasonal section of Stop n Shop trying to find the perfect mix of good wishes and wit, while keeping it all within a vague, ambiguous, "apply to your spiritual identity as appropriate" sentiment.

All my address information is in the scary basement. And I try not to go in the scary basement.

The post office. Going to the post office anytime within 3 weeks of Christmas is just insanity. We have ONE post office...ONE! Quaint? - yes, quick? uh, no.

Who needs cards when you have a blog. See, Seasons Greetings!!Happy New Year to YOU! And I mean YOU...hi!

Yes, all the above are merely excuses that don't really do a good job at hiding the main, undeniable reason.

I am lazy.

Ok, I admit it. And I know what you're thinking, first Halloween candy , now THIS. Someone get this girl some coffee because there are going to be 3 ghosts keeping her up all night.

Don't worry, one of these years I will begin sending out Christmas cards. I have decided that when we receive 5 cards or more, we need to start reciprocating a little. This is a way of using my friends as a measuring stick. When they have entered into that stage of maturity, as will I.

So far, this years tally is just 1...Hi Aunt Margie and Uncle Roger!! Merry Christmas to you too!

And if I get one from Niels Jensen from Houston, Texas – that doesn't count.*

*Last night my mom called me to ask if I knew anyone named Niels Jensen or Kate Jensen, because she got a Christmas card from them...picture and all. No one has any idea who they are.


Sara said...

My parents sent (dont think its happening this year) out Christmas letters, mostly bc of my dads cousins who are all uber mature like that.
Youd think the year they got me to move back to the homestate and having an impending engagement would warrant a Christmas letter- but I dont think its going to happen. I guess they would rather just send out engagement announcements when it happens; bc that would be something I would have to do anyway- not them.

Nice blog!

MarylandMommy said...

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 2006!!!