Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Boys and Christmas

I know this isn’t any great revelation. Women have been saying it for ages. Men are impossible to buy presents for. There is a myriad of reasons this is true. The one that causes the most grief in my own life is the good ol'


Guys know what they like, and if they like it enough, they just go ahead and get it. There is little financial concern or monetary debate. Within reason, if they want it enough, they find the money. In the event it costs so much that they can't justify buying it for themselves, then it’s certainly too pricey for me to buy it. Because that means it's really expensive.

The only thing that I could come up with that J wanted for Christmas, that he hasn't already purchased for himself, is a flat screen TV. Yeah, right! Unfortunately for him, that's not happening. They cost $3,000. And even if they were significantly cheaper, I couldn't get him one, because we'd already have one.

Perhaps this is a secret ploy for men to get women to buy them REALLY expensive gifts. If they buy all the reasonably priced things themselves, then what's left? I'll tell you what’s left...a book. Here's a book. Enjoy.

Postscript: Hey Dad, I know I always get you books and it's not because of the above reason. Well, not completely for that reason. You actually like books, right? I hope so. Also, you create another 'buying a man a present' problem. Perhaps I will discuss tomorrow.

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Sara said...

My dad only shops in actual stores during the holidays. And he will even avoid that if he thinks its something he can find online.

This would be when he doesnt make a list bc "he cant think of anything" but then while he is out "shopping" for the family, he comes home with all this stuff for himself.

And I have to wonder- what exactly were you thinking you would find for the rest of us at REI? NOTHING thats what.