Thursday, November 03, 2005

We are not creepy and reclusive...I swear!

Halloween has come and gone. This year we just put a bucket outside the door on a chair and let the kids go nuts. I attached a sign that said "Please Take One" but I doubt that directive was adhered to.

We did not resort to the grab bag technique because we are antisocial or anything…I love the little kiddies in their costumes, but you see…we have a monster in our house. He is big and brown and goes completely BONKERS at the slightest hint of a knock at the front door. I know it was Halloween, but I just didn’t feel right about subjecting the neighborhood youth to that level of terror. Last year you should have seen the wide eyes of concern that came from the other side of my front door as I wedged my body in the opening, trying my best to keep the jumping, barking, wailing hound-of-hell at bay. And those were just the Moms.

Oh, and yes, before I went to bed I checked, and the bucket was gone. Hooligans.


MarylandMommy said...

Ha! Scott said he would expect that out of Fred or Danielle.....but not you guys!!!!!

K said...

Hey - Scott better not be talking smack about my family!! ;-)

I must admit I felt like the Grinch who stole year we'll make up for it. Toblerone for all!