Wednesday, October 06, 2010

yarn run.

(please excuse the appearance...blogger is really testing my patience lately with the new photo upload and arrangement mechanism. And I though changing templates would fix it...nope.)

Been neglecting the blog a bit, but I'm sure once cold weather settles in around here things will calm down. The boys are running around like crazy, as usual. The Hokies have been simultaneously providing joy and great disappointment, as usual. And there is lots get done, and even more not getting done...the garden put to bed, holes for the new lilacs dug, my new upholstery project put together, and laundry, laundry, laundry.

Among all this...stuff... I managed to steal away for the better part of last Saturday to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival with my neighborhood knitting ladies. Oh, to be wandering freely in the autumn air, gently feeling the strands, squeezing and smooshing skeins against my face.  All with no little boys tugging on my was heaven. I won't talk about the money spent. Safe to say I shan't ! be purchasing any yarn for a very long while. 

Already looking forward to next year.



1 comment:

Carin said...

Okay, post processing ethereal pics win again! Especially on the sheep. Mine looks jaundiced. You're the best, lady.