Thursday, November 04, 2010

I'm still here

Damn, the wool festival?  THAT's the last time I posted here?  yikes.  Well, foliage season in Vermont has proven to be kind of crazy busy.  Add to that Halloween...

a certain somebody turning TWO YEARS OLD

a trip to Blacksburg

A Hokie Game!

And all the time I spent at the Burlington Airport. Where I took an enormous amount of photos while I waited, and waited, and left to sleep, then returned and waited some more.  I should have an exhibition called "Stuck at BTV."  Though you can only look at so many photos of a skylight.  (it was my favorite subject...I think I have about 20 photos of it.  I know, delete! I'm working on it).

But I finally got down to Blacksburg and proceed to have an amazing time with Jess.  Need to do things like that more often.

So with all the photos I took of personal stuff, and all the photos taken of work stuff, I am buried in a digital pit of despair.   I really do need to figure out a better photo management system.  I think I've got all the work stuff figured out, but the personal? But I won't bore you with all that.  I'll figure it out.

Assuming the issuing holidays will prove to be just as time consuming, so not sure when I may be back.  But I'll do my best to at least post some pics of the boys.  When I have time.  Geez. I can't even keep fingernails clean around here.

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