Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday Sam and I had a date to go see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE at the Flynn downtown.  We went with our friends Carin and Amos (also a mama/son duo).  Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous!

I had some apprehensions prior to the show, as Sam is not really one for any hubbub, and I knew there would be some serious hubbub.

He has yet to make it through a parade and usually shouts NO at the question of going to watch or see anything in person.  Usually you can just spring it on him and he's fine.  Act like you just fell upon it and don't make too much of a big deal about it.  You have to suppress the desire to say "HEY! Isn't this awesome!!"  He honestly seems overwhelmed by joyous excitement.  For instance, just the other day I came home from the grocery store with a Thomas coloring book and was all "Guess what I got?!" then yanked it out with a bit of drama...resulting in a huge wide eyed smile, then he turned his back and hid his face, refusing to look at it.

Totally overwhelmed with the awesomeness.

However, as he's gotten a bit older, he seems more open to a spectacle, so I prepped him a bit.  Of course, about an hour before we were to leave he declared he didn't want to go, so I just stopped talking about it.  Then I announced

"Time to go to Amos's house!"
"To play, or maybe take a walk."
"To downtown?"
"I don't want to."
"Ok, well, we'll see."

And we headed out.  Of course once he saw his buddy...dressed as PLEX!  he was  a little more on board and we were off.

We got a few shirts and quickly found our seats.  It was such a great atmosphere with all the kids.  And the volunteers, they must have loved it.  The Flynn staff tends to be a bunch of retirees, usually ushering symphony goers and the theater set.  But to be inundated by an army of preschoolers, they seemed to be having as much fun as the rest of us.  Of course, there were two shows 3 and 6:30...and we were at the 3, so I wonder if they might have been over the screaming, and whining and general chaos by the second show.

I think having an comfy seat helped Sam a lot.  We had a home base.  Not like standing on the street or sitting in the grass with people milling about around you. He did spend the entire show pretty much silent and stone faced.  There was only one complaint at the very beginning...more of a whine really..."when will this be over?"  But after that, he just sat back and soaked it in.  There were a few little smiles and a clap or two, but mostly, he just hugged his balloon and watched.

Want to sit on BIZ's lap?  No!  Let's dance! No! Say hi to Tootie.  No!  you get the picture.

I won't bore you with a play by play, but...I will with a video!  There were some great moments, surprise guests and lots of stuff floating in the air.  (3 minutes)

Once the show was over and a flood of overstimulated children were unleashed upon the streets of Burlington, Sam relaxed and smiled and said how great it was.  We hit the park, waiting for Flatbread to open, and Amos and Sam ran and ran, popped a few balloons, and then ran some more. 

This was essential prior to restaurant dining.  The boys did great eating and basking in their after Gabba glow.

I whole heartedly recommend this show to anyone who has a kid that likes Yo Gabba Gabba....which if a kid has seen it, they do.

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anniebel said...

That looks like it was lots of fun! Yes sometimes all the activity and noise can be overwhelming! Makes a kid go into shock mode!