Sunday, March 07, 2010

They were whining, when whining wasn't cool...

I finally get a chance to listen to some new music, and get excited by the lead in, only to be disappointed by a overly emotive effeminate whine. Is it me or is there a crap load of wimpy male vocalists out there. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't SO abundant. I once found that sort of thing appealing, but not really anymore. I'll que up The Smiths occasionally, but I wonder if they were coming out with that music now, if I'd be into it. Looking back at some of my old musical loves, I realize that a lot of the appeal is nostalgic. I probably wouldn't dig it now, if hearing it anew. But really, going by what I've been hearing lately, it seems like they were ahead of their time.

hm. So, I went on YouTube to find an old video of a certain band, and was going to say something similar to "these guys? would make a killing..." while wondering whatever happened to them. Well, holy crap! Here they are. And they are all middle-aged and playing in a sports bar.

This makes me feel kinda sad.

And old.

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Amy said...

I'm sure you've heard them but if not, check out the new song by Citizen Cope- Healing Hands. Great band in general.