Friday, March 05, 2010

anthropomorphic fail

So, a factor regarding the new "time to wake up" light we bought. Something that crossed my mind after I wrote that post and looked at that picture. It is actually, well, kind of creepy. You know, an illuminated face staring at you from the darkness while you try to sleep? But I quickly put that out of my mind. It will be fine, I told myself. And it was already on the way. So for nearly a week I eagerly awaited the UPS man.

When the light arrived Sam was all excited. We took it out of the box, he looked at it, and I explained how it turned into a sun, and if he stayed quiet in his room until it became a sun, then he could watch "Between the Lions" after breakfast. He was on board. Totally. Awesome.

That night we took it upstairs to his room. I plugged it in and Sam smiled. I asked him if he liked it, and he replied with an enthusiastic yes. After stories he I tucked him in with no problem and I turned off his light, leaving him in the faint blue glow, and headed downstairs.

15 minutes later I hear "MOOOOOOooooooMMMM".

"What's up bud?"
"I think it should be back downstairs"
"No honey, it's for your room. Remember? To tell you when it's time to get up."
"But maybe you should take it back downstairs....please."
I look at it. That blue faced frozen smirk.
"Is it a little scary?"

Night #2. I covered the face with some foam board. But that didn't fly either. Lasted maybe a minute. I'm sure Sam lay there imagining the moon face still smiling beneath its mask. Not unlike the criminally insane who maniacally giggle at their padded walls behind bolted steel doors.

And now it's downstairs and I'm trying to find the box so I can return it. And then Jay had a stroke of genius. Why don't we just put a lamp on a timer to come on at 6:30am for like, a half hour. THAT will be the sun. Only it's free. And it doesn't have a face.


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anniebel said...

What a great idea!! On to plan B!!!