Tuesday, August 25, 2009

one little corner

When we moved into our house a few years ago, I eyed the front corner as a perfect "kids spot". Even before the big renovation, that section of our family room was bright and airy and was in perfect view of every other seating area. So kids would be able to mess around and play and no one had to crane their neck or stand up to see what the little monsters were up to when it got too quiet.

Up until about a week ago this little corner housed the pack and play. A simultaneously ugly, yet highly functional diaper changing station and big-bucket-o-junk. Since I cleared it out, the corner has been screaming for something. I thought that thing might be the new chair (see below). But the universe provided a much better answer.

My neighbor has this kitchen table that has been cut down to kid height. Her kids are getting to be more normal table height sized, and coupled with a new bathroom renovation, she no longer has room.

We weren't sure we would be able to accommodate it, but once it was in. Perfect.

I immediately dug out the train set Henry was nice enough to pass along to Sam.

And it all comes together with the John Golden prints Amy got me for Christmas.

It still needs a little work, but this new space really fills a void in our house. Since our kitchen is more of a twisty hallway, we've never had the classic 'kitchen table'. You know, the kind you can spread out and make a mess on. The closest we have is the dining room table, which is Heywood-Wakefield, and I must say, Jay and I can be a little nervous about Sam and his...tendencies towards destruction. But now here is a nice, sturdy, slightly beaten up table for all his creative needs. And cute to boot.

Sam spent most of the day yesterday pushing trains and snacking here. I see many, many more days like that for the Brothers LaMonde.

I think it's finally time for me to buy some Play-doh.


SullyMama said...

I love seeing this in it's next life. So cute. I have to say, I'm a bit sentimental - must be the nursing hormones...

KL said...

now I feel guilty. It is a pretty awesome table. Sam can't thank you enough.

SullyMama said...

oh no - didn't mean it that way - so much nicer to give to a friend than sell to a stranger! it's funny how things sneak up on you - even adding this bath has turned my world around a bit.