Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby-weight is the new Botox.

It seems every time I watch the news there is a new reason to eat or drink something, or not eat or drink something, that I am constantly eating or drinking. Yay, drinking red wine makes you smart! Boo, drinking red wine can lead to abnormal hormone levels. Yay, drinking wine now normalizes hormone levels! Boo, drinking wine causes hangovers. And so on.

They do this for so much - coffee, sugar, salt, red meat. You notice it's never news when broccoli does something nice for you. Because who cares? No one needs to tell me it's ok to eat copious amounts of broccoli. Now chocolate, gotta love those chocolate studies.

This morning when I checked my email, I saw this "Learn what makes you look younger" and like a sucker I clicked. It turns out...it's being chubby! They did a study on twins and asked people to guess how old each of them were and the one who packed on a few extra pounds over the years was thought to be younger. Of course they go on to mention things like sun exposure and smoking too, but let's not care about that. Yay, getting fat makes you young!

Look, evidence.

But uh oh, this just in...blowing your nose, can kill you

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture of Joe. He's a doll. I could use a few more. Guess who?