Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So this is what Joe looks case you were wondering.

I've been trying to take pictures of little Joe as often as I can, and not just to please certain grandparents (hi mom!...or was that you Ann?). I don't think he'll ever be the super model Sam was his first couple years, but I'm determined to record the fact that he exists. Unfortunately, due to an inability to hold himself upright, he is not the easiest subject matter to shoot. Sure, I can prop him up on stuff, or take yet another picture of him lying down, but I also have to consider the crazy two year old running around.

Sam is used to Joe being on the couch, in mommy's arms, or the sling, and any change to that is fascinating . Oh look, Joe is on a blanket! He can be the road for my trucks! Oh, now he's in the bumpo chair, I now remember how much I like that chair...move over Joe!

As you can see, Joe is a little concerned about his brother getting so close. Actually, the wide eyed look of terror is one of the other problems I have when photographing Joe. The sound of the shutter makes him wig out a bit. His eyes get HUGE and he looks rather alarmed at all the snap, snap, snapping.

So Sam is really not as menacing as I make him sound. But when you're trying to hold a camera and take a descent photo, keeping an inquisitive toddler at bay can be tricky. Add to that my flash phobia, and every picture is a blurry mess, instead of just the terribly grainy.

So the other day, I enlisted the help of Daddy. It was magic hour, and I had him hold Joe over by the window.

And here are a few more of Sam and Joe at the Pack n Play. I feel like Joe has just discoverd that Sam exists. They are getting along so much better. I no longer think Sam is formulating an evil plot to toss his brother in the toilet. They actually smiled at one another the other day! Small victories...


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Peaches3Those pictures are too cute!!! They are both so adorable I want to eat them up! Sam will be in for a rude awakening when Joe can hold his own. The time is a commin'