Monday, March 24, 2008

oh Brother!

We've been back from our trip for a while now, sorry it's taken me so long to get on here and update!

We had a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa down in Florida. We had some exciting adventures, though the majority of the time we just relaxed.

Sam was showing off with 2 hour naps and waking only once during the night when we first arrived. Of course, once I dared to comment on it, Sam switched it up to the normal 45 minute naps and constant awakening during the night.

Molars. They are the bane of my existence.

The big event was Sam's first outing at the beach! He LOVED it. Almost too much. If we weren't careful I'm sure he would have run straight into the ocean. No fear whatsoever.

Our other big adventure was to visit Aunt Danielle and Uncle Ken at the horse show, where they volunteer. Sam stared in awe every time on of these huge animals would walk by. We parked ourselves near one of the cross country jumps and waited for them leap over. Sam seemed kinda confused but fascinated by them. I think he thought they were some sort of large dog.

The time seemed to fly by. Though it's nice to be home, it's always hard to say goodbye. Sam really loves hanging out with them. And I think we both enjoyed the break from the cold. Sam hadn't been in a stroller in a while. He was enjoying the outdoors...

Not that he doesn't get fresh air here, it's just a different kind of air...

One of the reasons it's taken so long to update is that I've been feeling kinda crappy lately. Naptime is usually blog time, but now its naptime for both of us. And when I'm not sleepy, I'm queasy. Why? Well, if you didn't already know...

That's right! Sam is going to be a big brother in October! This morning sickness thing is really kickin' my butt, but it should be ending pretty soon (according to internet resources). Of course I am thrilled (in between bouts of nausea). I'll have more to say, but for now, I'm going to go lie down.


Linda said...

Mom told me about the news. It will be nice for Sam to have someone to play with.
Sam and I have alot in common.... I love the beach too. It is still a little chilly here but soon. Dawn fills in there so when she goes to work I usually go to the beach.

MarylandMommy said...

I heard about your exciting news! Congrats!

anniebel said...

The pictures are great as always! Sam is getting so big! I'm sure he'll be a great big brother! Can't wait! Poor Tubs! Although....more food on the floor!