Friday, March 07, 2008

Quick Pics

Not much to report. I promised my mom some new pics and I've been slackin' a little, so here they are!

Last weekend we went to see Dan Zanes at the local club. I was so excited that Sam would actually be able to dance this year (last year he just snoozed away in the Bjorn while daddy danced). Well, not so much. As soon as Sams little feet hit the floor he would run off, chasing little twirling girls, with no concern or care of where Mommy was. I was so jealous of the other parents with little tots bouncing next to them, grasping their pants leg. Sam wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted to explore and with hundreds of people milling about, it wasn't exactly easy to keep him safe. So unfortunately he spent most of the time dancing in mama's arms or on daddy's shoulders.

Also, I finally managed to take some pictures of Sam in his snow gear. Only a few, but I hope to get some more this weekend since they are calling for a bit new white stuff tonight. I kinda need Jay around because with all the puff involved in his outfit and big ol' clunky snow boots, Sam falls over a lot. Which usually means he gets a face full of snow, which ends our outting pretty quick.

Off to Flordia next week to see the folks. Ah, can't wait for some sunshine!

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MarylandMommy said...

Have fun in Florida!