Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On the social scene...

Sam and I have been blessed with finding some great moms and babes to hang with. Most frequently, it's Lucas and Sophie he gets the pleasure of romping with (and I get adult conversation with their cool moms, "The Amys"). Sam, Lucas and Sophie are all within a month of each other. They are now getting to the age that they actually play, and not just co-exist in the same space. Lucas is Sam's boy buddy, and they like to grab and rough house together. They wear each other out. This was the scene a couple weeks ago after a particularly vigorous wrestling match. Of course, it probably had something to do with the oatmeal pancakes too.

I've been calling this picture, Baby Carnage.

Sophie is a completely different story. When Sophie comes on the scene, Sam gets all shy and smiley. He looks down at his feet, then steals little coy glances.

Eventually he'll walk over and pat her on the head. He even presents her with toys. Once they get the hang of each other, they play so well and cooperatively, I am amazed. They exchange toys back an forth, no snatching or whining.

As time passes, I have to watch Sam because he gets a little braver with his affection. He begins to hug, which Sophie doesn't seem to mind, but his baby balance being what it is, they tend to go tumbling to the ground.

Then, the other day I melted, as I watched Sam put his head down on Sophies lap.

Only to turn to complete goo when she began to rub his head.

Super cute. Now, I'll have to be careful as they get older and not give into the urge of caller her his "girlfriend" or anything like that. When I was little, I had a boy friend named Blake and I remember vividly being embarrassed by the little teases of other kids. They even made us have a little wedding in a neighbors backyard. Mortifying.

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