Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sam, Joe and I walked up to the quarry this morning. Every since I was there this time last year, I've kept in my mind to be sure to go back. Not only is the pond teaming with tadpoles, but the wild chives are blooming. I had visions of the pictures I could get of Sam and Joe frolicking in the little purple puffs. Well, I got some pics. But, per usual, a particular model would not stand still. More specifically, he was constantly running away from me. Nearly all the pictures I took, were of his back.

And poor Joe. No pictures at all. I was too busy trying to keep Sam where I could see him.

But aren't they beautiful. Another so called 'weed'. Not only yummy in dip, but pretty too.


Ed said...

Beautiful picture. Has Sam been taking any pictures with his camera?

K said...

Nope. Or if he does, he just deletes them. He likes the noise it makes when they go in the trash. I'm hoping as he gets older he'll take some interest in it. We shall see!