Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The end of my pity party - thank you for coming.

I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us and had us in their thoughts during this time. I know the death of a dog is not an uncommon event. It is the unfortunate eventuality that all of us who allow these loving, loyal and generous creatures into our lives must face.

But of course it's not easy. it is all still very raw. I go about my usual day, but there is a sadness that sits just below the surface. I know it will slowly sink deeper and deeper, covered by layers of new memories and experiences. I am looking forward to when my heart is not quite as heavy and the thought of Tubbs can make me smile without the tears. When I'm reminded of him less frequently, so it will be more special and less melancholy. Because now, every corner I turn, every item I see seems to have a bit of Tubbs attached to it. Gradually, the lingering evidence of him will go. The lint trap will have less and less dog hair in it. I will not mistakenly call his name when I spill something in the kitchen. Last night, cleaning up under the high chair brought me to tears...that's was his job. I winced when the fed ex guy rang the doorbell while joe napped, expecting the usual barrage of bark and crazy it would always bring. I'll have to forget about my cooking blog..."the secret ingredient is dog hair..." I finished a bit of knitting yesterday and took some pictures. As I transfered them from my camera to the computer, with them came a bunch of Tubbs and the boys inthe yard on Monday. I could go on and on...

In the end I guess it just proves how much we loved him and what an important part of our family he was. That I miss him so much is a testament to how wonderful he was to have around. We miss you Tubbs. You were everything anyone ever wanted in a dog.

Ok, that's it. Moving forward. Sure I'll be thinking of him, but no reason to drag everyone down with me right? And to prove it's not all a wimper fest over here. I present..

"Sam Stuck In a Basket with Mixed Messages from Mom"

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