Friday, March 19, 2010

I watch too much crap reality TV

I was catching up on my TV last night and something was bugging me. This one guy on Project Runway, the one with the glasses, looked SO familiar to me. Then I realized he was kind of a David Cook (american idol) bloated and gay doppleganger. Then I remembered that David Cook always reminded me of a bloated version of Elan (or Ilan?) from Top Chef.

2006 - Top Chef

2008 -American Idol

2010 - Project Runway

It's as if some guy is putting on 20 pounds, dialing back the masculinity another notch and going on reality shows every two years. Yeah, not likely. Like some guy could cook, sing, and sew?

((insert day dream of being served poached salmon in my perfectly fitting-in-all-the-right-places custom jeans while being serenaded Queens greatest Hits...only without the faux hawk.))


Purl Scout said...

this is such a hilarious post.
i had a reality tv intervention with myself in early '08 and did away with our cable. which drastically increased the amount of time i spend on the computer. i can't win.
the other night, i became addicted to the best reality tv show EVER. jamie oliver vs. all the fatty mcfattersons in huntington, WV. soooo awesome.

KL said...

We toy with the getting rid of cable thing, but college football has a death grip on us.

Yikes, did that already start! crap. Dammit. First episodes are never that great though, right? Need to delete some Superwhy (and um, Models of the Runway) from my DVR to free up some space.