Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free cone day!

Today was the annual Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's. And this isn't just for Burlington, so if you have a store near you, see if they're on board with the tradtion (apparently it's a "participating stores" kinda thing). So in the name of free ice cream, I packed up the boys and headed downtown on this cold and dreary day. We got there around 1:30, hoping to miss the lunch crowd, but it was still packed.

We got in line, and surprisingly we were inside in about 15 minutes. Then we realized why it was so busy. I mean, over and above the whole "free ice cream cone" thing, there was Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter scoopin and handing out the cold stuff.

She actually scooped Sam's cone! And to be respectful, we got "Maple Blondie" the limited release flavor in honor of Hannah, and MAN it was GOOOOoooood. I suggested getting some. Now.

When I saw Hannah, I was kinda bummed I put my wide angle lens on the camera. I couldn't get close of enough to have her bigger than an ant, really. She was outside talking to the press and if I had my usual lens on, I couldn't gotten some good ones. I also realized I had my ISO on 3200 the whole time. ugh. camera regret...the worst.

But I had grabbed the wide angle figuring a pic like this.

And even better? The lens allowed for an easy 'Very First Bite Ever', by Joe

Last Bite, by Sam.

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