Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chair #2

So I picked this up for $25.

Please excuse the general disarray of the surroundings. The chair is currently being held in the sewing/snowboard /junk/filing cabinet/robot/bar/guest room. Now quick, can you find evidence of any of's like Highlights!

Anyway, so my thoughts are paint the frame black, and cover the chair in a green and white print. These are the contenders so far.

A -ok this isn't green, but it's a nice upholstery fabric super cheap as a remnant....have no idea what color to paint the chair though.

B- hm. I have a slight problem with birds. Will this trend ever run its course? They are EVERYWHERE. But these are parrots. So. yeah.

C - only $7 a yard!

D- most expensive, and unfortunately the one I am leaning towards.

E-Grey, but will go anywhere, no?

Tell me what I should do! PLEASE. And if you think all these are a bad idea, and have any other ideas, I'll take those too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Thank you.


crankypantsknits. said...

C is my favorite.

There is also a bunch of Amy Butler fabric on sale at right now.


KL said...

I saw that. Actually most of these swatches are from I love amy bulter, but it's kinda crazy for a whole chair. If she defined some of her patterns with a bit of black, it think the black frame could balance out the busyness. Though the Love Bali Gate in periwinkle is really nice. Hm. Maybe I'll add that to the choices.

Thanks lady!

SullyMama said...

C or E. Both will sell well. I would do C if it were mine, but maybe E will sell better - Actually, E might be awesome with a bright colored paint?

jen said...

i like a and c. With C I think you could paint the chair white: kind of a bit summery. Actually I like the bird one too, but that's because I'm also stuck deep in the birdy on everything trend: with that I'd paint the chair black.