Monday, February 22, 2010

wasteful efforts

I'm getting a little worried about our water bill. You see, I've been doing ALOT of baking. We are trying in earnest to keep to organic and local foods. As a result our grocery bills are inching up. To mitigate, I've tried baking our own bread. I've also made bagels. And get this, I rolled and fried my own tortillas. To some people that may not be all that impressive, but seriously, I've never even opened a package of yeast before. Now, those same people may wonder, why would this effect your water bill? Sure, you need a bit of water to bake. And yes, there are the extra dishes to wash. But really, that shouldn't amount to much in the end.

The problem is that in order to do all this mixing and kneading and rolling, Sam must be occupied. I let him help me a bit, but usually, he just creates chaos. The solution has been the sink. Man, that kid loves water. And he'll spend hours filling up cups and dumping them out. Problem is, he only likes it with the water running. I've tried filling up the basin and have him just use that, but it doesn't really do it for him. He wants flow.

Which had lead me to invention #427...a kid friendly recirculating pump/faucet toy type apparatus. Would probably be best if it worked via some sort of air pump kids can push. I found this, which is kinda what I'm talking about, but it should be stand alone and portable. Be secured with some sort of suction cup with a hose that goes into the basin of water. Should transition nicely to the bathtub too.

Ok people. Get to building.


Pepe said...

How about using a small pump sprayer? He loves using the one we have in Vernon. I think we got it at Sears for about $8.00.

anniebel said...

Uh ya! Anybody want to take bets on how long the sprayer is pointed at the sink?