Thursday, January 14, 2010




It looks good, I guess. Though I feel like we just shaved off the last little bits of baby. This time of year, his hair is just SO STRAIGHT, and it was poking him in the eyes. I attempted to trim it, but I don't have any descent scissors, so I made him look like a big dork...he looked like he had radiation sickness or something. So when Jay proposed the clippers, I had no objections. He looks like such a little boy now *sniff, sniff*


Anonymous said...

He looks adorable. I really like it


anniebel said...

It does look cute. But he does look....grown up! It's like...who's that? Cool! Quite the handsome dude!

anniebel said...

Curious.....what is Sam's reaction?

KL said...

You know Sam. Just looked at it, shrugged and asked for a snack.

AmyVT said...

Oh, man, he looks so grown up!! Adorable, but it's shocking the change. =)
Amy M

感冒 said...
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