Wednesday, January 20, 2010

back to health

We are slowly emerging from the yuck of a stomach bug. It hit the entire family, one by one. At least there was only one pukey kid to take care of at a time. I'm the only one who avoided the pleasure of actually throwing up. But man, I sure felt like it. Upside?! Holiday weight gain? Gone! Hopefully I can keep it that way as I am slowing introducing food again. The boys are doing fine and back to themselves for the most part.

It took a little bit, which was actually kinda lucky. We were able to curl up on the couch together and just lounge in our sickness. It is always so much better if they get it first.

At least now we can get back to the business of winter and fun in the snow.


Ed said...

Is Sam wearing a new Burton outfit? It doesn't look familiar. Sam looks like a natural, taking after his dad. I'm glad everyone's feeling better.

KL said...

just new pants. The camo jumpsuit is a little tight. Makes it hard to tweek his methods.