Monday, November 09, 2009

Now I feel like a true Vermonter

I spent a good part of yesterday reminding myself that is was not, in fact, Spring. The trees bare, sun shining, and I, crouched in the garden - shovel in hand and dirt wedged under my nails. Felt like Spring to me. While my Mom was visiting last week I took advantage of the extra help to finally start putting in some plants in our barren wasteland of a front yard. I hit Gardners and stocked up on a bunch of 50% off perennials. A kind and generous neighbor let me pillage her garden for some freebies (love that bee balm). Finished things up yesterday. So far so good, but I won't really know what I think until Spring...6 months from now. Ugh.

The end of fall brings preparations for Winter. Lots of leaf raking, clothing coming out of storage, and apple cider. Usually, we just indulge in the local harvest available...pretty much everywhere (kinda like maple syrup). But this year we helped some friends make their own.

At the end of the season, the local orchards have amazing deals on truckloads of what's left. Not always the prettiest of fruit, but perfect for making cider.

The lovely Brown clan invited everyone over to help scrub the apples and turn the press.

The results?


Spring? Maple syrup.


carin said...

You know "your friendly neighbor" reads this blog, eh? You can join us for "sugarin" this spring...

anniebel said...

Looks like fun!!!