Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Domo Arigato...

This was Sam's first real Halloween. First participating Halloween. Not only did he pick out his pumpkin, but he helped Dad with the carving.

He also decided his costume. He wanted to be a robot. Though I must admit, once it came out of his mouth, I latched on to it, reinforced it, until it stuck. I made it stick. Yes, he was going to be a robot. Much more doable than the "Tuba" and "bathtub" that had been uttered the days before.

Sam's first experience with Trick-or-Treating was a overwhelming success! There was a little worry that he might not agree to put on the costume, but once a mirror was presented, he was quite pleased and raring to go.

Here he is as SAM-E ROBT 3.0

He was designed and forged by the Mastermind Dr. Joe. Joe had to be sure to do a little tuning up before his creation was unleashed upon the streets of Burlington.

Sam went out with Jay down the street, then tagged out and I took the little robot around the corner. He was candy collecting maniac. Didn't want to stop.

I think he had the most fun once we got home and was able to hand out candy himself. He enjoyed it so much that when we ran out, he even volunteered some of his own stash so we wouldn't have to close down. I don't expect that generous spirit to reappear next year. Not after the lollipop.

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anniebel said...

So cute!! Those eyes just get me every time! So glad Sam had a great time both giving an receiving! Joe looks like he is just enthralled with everything! Might have some hero worship developing there! Great family you guys have! Truely blessed!