Monday, November 23, 2009

We've been doing our best, as we wait for winter to arrive (it's a little late this year) to get out and enjoy outside activity without the threat of frost-bite. You know, while we can. Normally, we would have gotten at least one, if not more, decent snowfalls by now. But the ground is still bare. The morning grass can trick me sometimes, with it's crunchy white frost. But it all melts away by mid morning. Jay is a little grumbly about it. He's been tuning up his gear, doing his best to wait patiently. But no worries. It's coming. There's no way around it.

One upside to no snow is that Jay is still around on the weekends. Once the mountains are open, there is no guarantee. Though he's usually pretty great about keeping the riding to the mornings and being back before nap-time. But we had Daddy all to ourselves this Saturday, so we made a trip out to one of our favorite playgrounds...conveniently next door to On The Rise Bakery.

Sam got to "pop popcorn" by placing a TON of pebbles on the rubber bridge and bounce, and bounce and bounce.

And Joe got to try out his new walking technique on uneven terrain.

Once the weather changes, I doubt we'll head out there. But it's a really great setup. On the Rise is in a converted farmhouse RIGHT NEXT to the town park and soccer fields. It should be a business model. Franchise it out. All you need is a double lot. Build a bakery/cafe on one, and an awesome playground on the other. Add some nice outdoor seating and trees, and the moms will flock.

I've added this idea to my ever growing businesses-that-should-exist list. Or products-that-should-exist list. I've recently crossed one off when I came across this while Christmas shopping. Only my idea was more a "what ever you want" instead of pigeon holeing it as a grocery or something. Look, it's a Post Office! Now? An Ice Cream Shoppe! Hm, perhaps there is still time to build my prototype.

Oh, one day...the same day I launch the instant-postcard-photobooth-machine at the National Parks. Look at me standing in front of Mount Rushmore! (complete with campy graphics). A little note and slap a stamp on it and, viola! Personalized souvenir. Then I would sell them to resorts...and tourist towns....I will be a millionare.

Then I can open my yarn shop.

And grilled cheese bar.

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