Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gift Guide: The Joe Edition

So let's be honest. Joe doesn't know what's going on as far as Christmas and presents and all the yule tide hub bub. But what he does know? He knows that anything in this house is fair game for Sam. Therefore, most of the presents I have picked out are things that Sam will also like, and hopefully, not break.

Like this! Spinny for Joe, informative for Sam.

Everyone likes to pull stuff...

And push/stack/shake stuff..

I guess that's about it. There are loads of things out there, these are just a few that will be appreciated by both, I think.

Feel free to ignore any and all of these suggestions. As I said be before, we appreciate any little bit of generosity and don't really want to make Christmas all about the presents. But it is a little about the presents now isn't it?

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