Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who needs air conditioning when there's watermelon?

Actually, today is the first day in a week I haven't wished we had air conditioning. The heat wave has broken since this picture was taken, when it was still all hot and sticky. Accent on sticky. Both boys spent the better part of the last week covered in dog hair, lint, crumbs and bits of grass. Their half naked bodies becoming the lint brush to our day. Every night they splashed in cool baths for relief and to wash away the grime. I went to get a baby pool at Kmart, hoping we could just do after dinner dips instead, but they were all sold out. I swear, there is never a good reason to go there. They always disappoint. Either in stocked products, or smell...ick.

is the correct phrase, "emphasis on" sticky? They both sound right to me. Means the same thing I suppose...whatever

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