Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Red Hats.

Our local Ben Franklin went out of business recently, and I picked up a few skeins of this red Cascade superwash (20% off). I had never used the superwash before, and in hingsight, I should have used it for something like mittens or gloves, since they usually get much dirtier than a hat. (For those not in the know, "superwash" denotes wool...that you can wash! Without it getting all felted and shrinky.) I doubt I'll knit with it again, as it has weird little fuzzies in it. But it's wasn't horrible or anything.

So I made yet another hat. Or hats. I know. I knit alot of hats. It's a patience thing. And a need for immediate gratifictation thing. Also the reason the only sweaters I have ever knit are baby sweaters.


Here's the first. It's a cap, nice and tight and covers the ears well. I agonized over the button choice, but like what I ended up with.

And I made another slouchy beret. I gave away the green one, but I liked it so much, I thought I'd make another with a few modifications. I made this one medium instead of large and added a little roll brim. I wish I had done another repeat on the pattern, to make it more slouchy, but I do really like the way it turned out.

So I still have 5 more people to make stuff for, so one of these hats is destined for someone. I'm thinking of sending the cap off, though it will have to be to a cooler climate, since I doubled up the yarn it is SUPER warm. My only reservation is that it's kinda tight, and since I don't have measurements of peoples heads, there is a chance it could be too small. That would be weird right? To ask people if they have a big head?


anniebel said...

You are hiliarious!!! I love the hats! The slouchy one makes you look like an arteeeest!! My head is 21 1/2" hint, hint and my jacket is red and I too live in a cold climate! How convenient! Christmas is coming!

Anonymous said...

Love the hats. Did you pick out the color of the yarn so it would go well with your mirror which you used for the frame of your pictures? Now that is really planning ahead.

Aunt Lana

KL said...

Thanks guys. And Lana, no, just a coincidence :-)

Sorry Ann, this hat is destined for a Facebook "i will make you something" participant. I still have 4 more things...don't even mention christmas presents. I may just cry. (see you in a couple weeks!)