Wednesday, August 12, 2009

State of the Garden (2)

We are back from a wonderful, restful trip to Connecticut. We had the added bonus of seeing Jay's sister and our nephew Henry. I have some pics to share, but I took a ton, so I still need to weed through them.

In the meantime, check out my onions!

I harvested them this morning. They need to sit in the sun for about a week, then off to the basement for storage. Hope they're good. I'll let you know.

I was excited to see the garden after I returned. So once the car was unpacked and boys put to bed, I quickly headed back there to see what may have ripened or sprouted while we were gone. There were LOTS of cherry tomatoes,

and unfortunately 2 rotten tomatoes. However, I also was able to pick my first ripe normal sized tomato.

This is actually a picture of my soon to be second ripe normal sized tomato. The first is now sitting on my windowsill trying to decide whether to be bruschetta or salsa.

And here is my pumpkin...

There is about 5 miles of vine, and this one lonely pumpkin. Seems like a lot of plant to produce this single head-sized squash. Not like the zucchini. Though also quite robust and large, it produces more vegetable than anyone could ever hope to eat. I didn't take a picture, but I have no less than 5 zucchini ready to be plucked from my 2 plants, and there are 3 little ones just waiting to grow exponentially overnight, the way only zucchini can.

I suppose this is why people make all sorts of baked goods out of them. Anyone have a good muffin recipe?

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anniebel said...

Everything looks so good! Pumpkin? Didn't know you planted one of those. You'll be all set for Holloween! Well almost! Wish you were closer I love zucchini! I put it in the veggie chili. It was so nice to see everybody. We had a wonderful time visiting. It is soooooooo quiet here!