Thursday, August 13, 2009

CT Roundup

As promised, here are some pics from our trip down to Jay's folks house. It was such a great visit. It's always nice to have someone who is willing to entertain and play with Sam, even if that means watching him water the plants for two hours (you think I'm exaggerating...ok, maybe an hour and half). Joe had a good trip too. But having about 10% of Sam's curiousness, he wasn't as enthralled by all the new and interesting things that surrounded us.

Specifically, Sam enjoyed the manholes and mailboxes.

We live in a city, so walking IN the street isn't really an option. And everyones mailbox is up on their porch, and usually some version of an actual box or basket. Sam's primary experience with the traditional, run-of-the-mill mailbox, is from Blue's Clues. You know, that mailbox that delivers a Letter to Steve every show...making him want to wail (and wag his tail)?

I think Sam half expected them to talk. He so wanted to open them up, to see if there might actually be some mail inside. But as his father reminded him, that would be a federal offense, so keep your distance.

And manholes. He could actually take a moment and investigate without mama dragging him by the arm to safely place him on the sidewalk.

And, as if this wasn't enough excitement. There were also a couple firsts. First attempt at Miniture Golf...

I suspected my nephew Henry was cheating by using The Force...

And first trip to Friendly's..

I specifically ordered this Sunday for us to share. But per usual, as soon as it looks like Mama is actually going to get to EAT something, Joe began to cry. So I scooped him up and walked around a bit to settle him down. When I returned. GONE. Like maybe? 3 bites left. Which I ate. Quickly, and then handed the spoon to Sam as he attempted to scrape the remnants from the sides.

Sorry bud.

Thank you Memere and Pepere for great trip. Every morning since we've returned, and I ask Sam what he wants to do today, his answer has been "go to Memere's Pepere's house?" And when I tell him we can't, he nods in acceptance, seemingly understanding. But then, looking up with a very serious disposition, he declares "We go to Memere's Pepere's house LATER."

Whatever gets you through, bud.

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anniebel said...

It's always so much fun looking at life through the eyes of a two year old! He takes time to look at every catapillar, spider web, rock and of course mail box!! We had a great time!