Wednesday, July 22, 2009

State of the garden.

My garden, though weedy, is doing pretty well! Except for this...

Not sure if it's due to the incredible amount of rain we've gotten this summer or some tomato famine I read about, but it ain't pretty. Those are my big beefsteak. I picked that really bad one, as to not divert nutrients from others, and am hoping the others will have blemishes that can be removed? I'm pretty lucky though, because my neighbors are getting all their stuff eaten. I can only hope that their yummy veggies are diverting the critters away from my little patch. I have a pretty sturdy fence around my yard. Not critter proof, but as long as they keep taking the path of least resistance, they'll go elsewhere. Of course, once all the neighbors gardens are gobbled up, I'll be the only game in town. Hmm, time to get a shotgun.

My other tomatoes are doing great though.


I forget what these are called...but your normal sized a peach size. man, what are they called?? Anyway, lookin' good so far.

This is my first harvest (besides strawberrys). Grilled it up with onion, garlic, a little balsamic and parm. Yum.

And my onions still have at least a month, but they look like they want to jump out of the ground.

Pumpkin blossom. There are about 10 of these on the one plant I planted. And it's really beginning to ramble. I have to remind Jay not to mow over it. I have no idea how this will work out. I'll keep you posted.

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anniebel said...

Plants are looking good! Well, mostly. I heard there was a lot of tomato rot because of the rain. The other look good though.