Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If I say it here, I'll have to do it.

During my Monday night knitting with the ladies it was discussed how now is the perfect time to start a fall sweater. No pressure and lots of time. I whole heartedly agree. I'm not usually one for big knitting projects, but that's something I want to change. So after scouring Ravelry, I've picked my pattern.

Behold, The Mrs. Darcy Cardigan.

Cute, no? And you got to love that name. It calls to mind Colin Firth, which is always a good thing. And even that guy who played opposite Kiera Knightlys underbite was yummy. I think alot has to do with Jane Austen's ability to create incredible characters though and not so much on the physical attributes of the actors. How can you not love the brooding, yet awkwardly noble millionaire that is secretly in love with the smart and sassy brunette with no fortune? ((swoon)) Yes, Jane Austen. She tells a good tale.


So I have to figure out what color to make this thing. I am in need of a good white/cream sweater. But is that smart? Do I really want to spend so much time on something that could very easily be ruined by either boy child, the big brown monster, or my love of red wine? Probably not.

I am not good with knowing what colors look good on me. Hence I wear alot of brown. And black. Sometimes red.

Another concern was whether this would look ok on somebody with... ahem...boobs. Because quite a few of these Ravelers are very thin. And not so endowed. and the way this fits could be just like, LOOK HERE ARE MY BOOBS. The reason I don't use my Ergo as much as I should. But I saw a few girls who added a couple buttons that will help, to borrow a phrase from Stacy and Clinton, "lock and load" the girls.

So there it is. Suggestions welcome. I do like that yellow, but perhaps a merlot? or camel?


crankypantsknits. said...

I think a merlot would be beautiful. Or a forest green. I am a sucker for forest green... Webs has a billion colors of Cascade 220, which is cheap enough to buy a bunch of but still nice to knit.

Also? I wanna be in your knitting girls group! I can't wait to see you guys.

Rae said...
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Rae said...

camel would be gorgeous and neutral in my opinion and I've been thinking of knitting this as well! :D

MarylandMommy said...

Very cute...whatever color you pick!

KL said...

Amy, can't wait to see you too! and Cascade 220 is the way I'll probably go, unless something jumps out at me...the pattern calls for an Aran yarn, but I don't want it to be too bulky.

Rae - I think neutral is definitely the way to go...I want to be able to throw it on over just about anything, I'm thinking a cool taupe might work as well.

Other AmyK - me like too. hopefully I'll actually get it done. :-)

Danielle said...

You can make it for me instead :-) X-mas present. My boobs aren't as big! Especially after breastfeeding. I like the yellow in the picture. D

SullyMama said...

I agree with the merlot - gorgeous on you. stay away from the lighter colors on this (if you want to slim the girls down ;)
love the pattern!