Thursday, January 29, 2009

We got the beat...

For the last week or so I finally had to admit that Sam's hair is a mess. So I mustered up the courage to cut it. Bad idea. Though he was constantly brushing away bangs from his eyes, it had a certain rock star shabby quality to it. Now it has a certain Dorothy Hamel quality to it. So I put a little of Js polmade in it, to de-poof. At best, he rockin' a Jane Wyland.

I won't embarrass him or myself by posting a picture. I've thought about taking the scissors to it again, in attempt to make it better, but I'm afraid I'll just make it worse. I guess we could always whip out the clippers as start fresh, but it's winter! And let's face it, the kid doesn't really have that much hair to begin with.

Some of you may be wondering how we are fairing in the snow. A lot of you also got some I see. At least we didn't get the ice. But we did get a foot of the powdery white stuff. As a result, I'm exhausted. I'm always tired when it snows, because it means I have to get up early . Not because I shovel or anything, J's pretty awesome about taking care of that. But because he heads out to the mountain to ride. Not that I'm complaining, but....ok, I'm complaining.

So, if it wasn't already difficult to motivate and get everyone bundled up so we can venture outside, that precious little 45 minutes of sleep I lost makes it pretty much impossible. All I can think about now is nap, nap, nap. I just hope the stars align for a simultaneous and long nap of two little under-stimulated and un-exercised boys (rather, boy. Joe is still in blobby stage). Hmm, maybe it's time for Sammypants Dance Party! No puffy clothes and all I have to do it push play. Entertaining for Joe too.

And then a lunch of Spaghetti, Turkey and red wine. I think I got a plan.


crankypantsknits. said...

Hey, I'm going to be Belinda Carslile at a karaoke party next week, Sam should come down and play bass for me! I wanna see!

KL said...

The drunk and swollen Go-Go version or silver hooped and black turtleneck Mad About You version?
Or even better, the white towel version!