Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I finally got the pictures off my camera. Which means I finally hooked up the hard drive J got me for Christmas. So no exploding computer! Well, at least not because of the mama-razzi.

First things first, I don't want anyone to think I was making up excuses when I cut it short previously. I couldn't post the picture then, due to the aforementioned exploding, but here's my proof.

Crayons. Yum.

Not much to say about life in Vermont right now. It's cold. Sometimes very cold. And it snows. Sometimes a little. Sometimes alot.

It can be boring, but when the temperature creeps above 20, we do our best to get out. Often we go out just so we can go in somewhere else! Yesterday we ventured to "Open Gym" at a local elementary school. Imagine a gymnasium filled with balls, tumbling mats, scooter-type things, tunnels, balance beams and jump ropes. Fun, right? Now cram in 50 children under the age of 5 and their parents. A little chaotic, to say the least. Of course Sam had a total blast. But the adults? A million small coronaries. A constant state of wince as the one-year-olds wobble whilst the 4 year olds whiz balls by their heads. Add to that the two year olds, with their negative levels of impulse control and stern belief that every toy on the planet belongs to them.

And then there was the baby strapped to my body.

Perhaps I exaggerate a bit. I doubt most of the parents shared my anxiety. It's just in that environment Sam gets a little...over-stimulated. He requires quite a bit of oversight, lest he clothes-line a 10 month old with a hoolahoop on his way to the janitors closet to eat floor wax. Not easy while Joe is dangling under my chin.

Again, I exaggerate. And as we left, Sam was elated. Vibrating, but elated. Which makes me feel silly for all my little panics.

I gladly sacrifice my fragile nerves for a little fun.
And the Nap Gods looked favoribly upon us...3 and a half hours. Amen.

Now for a few more nuggets from the camera dump. You're Welcome Grandma! :-)


Mrs. Brown said...

oh my god, are hilarious. i'm so happy to have found you again.
i could have written that last post a year and a few months ago. my boys are 2 years apart and we had to live through that first very long winter of my littlest's life in the same state of panic...winter and all. a virginia winter, sure, but its all about what you're used to, and i am not built for cold! :) by next winter, you're going to have a fearless toddler and a caring big brother and your work will be doubled but twice as fun, too. you have just the right attitude towards motherhood....the kind that shows your love and enthusiasm and fun and that you enjoy it fully. and that is such a gift. i kinda figured all moms were like this, but isn't so. thank your lucky stars, as i thank mine, that we get to belong to this group of moms that really dig doing all the thankless stuff we do.
and your kids are freaking fantastic looking! like little catalog models. gorgeous.

KL said...

Hey Holly! hope you don't mind I put a link to your blog over there. I've been meaning to stop by and say nice scarf! Maybe I'll go do that now.

Hmmm... "enjoy it fully" and "really dig doing all the thankless stuff we do"...sure, well mostly, but, um, nevermind. I plead the fifth :-)