Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back in the hood!

I am happy to say that we are back in the house! Though it will still be a while before it feels truly like home, it's so nice to be in familiar surroundings and out of the little gross apartment. Things are moving along. We predict another 2 to 3 weeks and then the contractors will leave us. There will still be lots to do on our part, but at least their won't be guys coming and going with loud power tools and sawdust attached to their feet.

So you would think I would have pictures of the place, right? Well, with all the chaos, taking pics of the house has been pretty low on the priority list. On the other hand, getting away from construction is pretty high on that list, so at least I have some new pictures of Sam, surely to please the Gfolks.

We're lucky to have good friends willing to let us come over and escape the noise. Sam's little buddy, Lucas, is happy to share his toys while I enjoy visiting with his awesome mama. Since she is also pregnant, and due only a week before me, we have lots to talk (and bitch) about. So while we discuss heartburn, expanding pants and ice cream, the kids entertain themselves.

Oh, how I wish I knew what is going on in those cute little brains!

In the, what, oh month? since we last posted we've kept pretty busy...

We saw a bike race downtown

Got our hearts broken by the Hokies season opener...but looked good doing it!

I'm pretty sure Sam could do a better job than Glennon...

Last weekend was Art Hop. It's a really cool festival in the South End of Burlington were all the local artists show their stuff. Walking around, it feels kinda like Halloween...but with mostly adults and people have Chardonnay and beer instead of candy. A couple artists from our hood were showing at the local yoga studio and outside they had this great latin band playing. Daddy and Sam enjoyed the show...

And here are a few more samplings of Sam from the past month or so. I promise, I'll have pictures of the house up soon!


Linda said...

Sam is continuing to get more and more handsome!

Linda said...

By the way... your Hokies beat the tar out of Furman. Dawn is Paladin.