Thursday, August 07, 2008

Studs, Drywall, Action!

Here's a little tour of the "after drywall" state of our house. Just so you know, it starts downstairs, goes up, then the Master Bedroom and bath, then back out to the hall, kids bath and then both kids bedrooms. Not the most exhilarating footage, but exciting to us!

Looks good, yeah?!

The plan is to start moving back in next weekend. Hopefully it will be a little cleaned up by then. And let's hope it stops raining. We feel like we live in Seattle or something with all the drearyness and damp. As I type the TV is alarming with a Severe Thunderstorm warning. Everyday, I swear. Once we're back Sam and I plan to spend a lot of time in the backyard. Hard to do when the weather is so crappy. If we can't go out, we'll be stuck in a room quite a bit smaller than this little apartment I am always complaining about. Not to mention, Sam and Tubbs will have to occupy the same air space. Not the best idea these days. Sam is not nice to Tubbs. Poor Tubbs. I have been assured that Sam will grasp the "gentle" thing better as he gets older, but in the meantime Tubbs is more than happy to be locked behind a baby gate. Protective custody.

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anniebel said...

Wow!! It's really coming along! It is so exciting to watch the progression. I love the way the stairs are coming out. The whole house looks awesome!!