Thursday, June 14, 2007

Come on tooth, you can do it!

Sam is exceptionally cranky this morning. I am praying it's because he is FINALLY cutting a top tooth. They have been lurking below the surface forever, and causing some major grief, especially at night. I am exhausted. And to top it off, I just agreed to a short term part-time job with Jay's company. Like I have time for THAT. Or rather, like I have the brain function for that. I'm hoping to get a big chunk of if done over the weekend. I've only been working on it for a couple days, but haven't gotten more than 3 hours a day on it. I'm going to have to up my productivity if I'm going to get it done on time.

So I'm using some of my precious computer time to update the blog! I know it's been a while. I'm sure you expected to see pictures, but for now I'm on my laptop...the desktop is still in the box. But soon, I promise. And there are some cute ones in the camera. I can't wait to see them fullsize myself!

Other than the cranky tooth situation, things are going great. We are all moved in, though still working on the unpacking. I absolutely love this little place. It's sunny and suprisingly spacious for such a small house. The neighborhood is so cute and full of strolling mamas and kids on bikes. I miss the close proximatey to downtown, though it still just a walk away...just a MUCH longer walk. No problem in the summer, but come winter, I don't think we'll be venturing down there too much.

Our backyard is awesome! Just the right size. Small enough to mow in under and hour, but big enough to toss a football. I need to get on planting some stuff, it's looking a little weedy around the edges. I've let alot of stuff grow in since I'm not sure what's there. Unfortunately my plant identification skills are not too good, so I have nice border gardens of ugly weeds (I think...who knows what that stuff in the corner is). Maybe I'll take some pictures and you more seasoned garderners can help me decided whether to yank it or water it.

Sam is sitting up on his own, though it's not for very long before he topples over. He is kinda doing a wiggle/crawl thing. It's not very efficient and if it doesn't get him where he wants he gets frustrated and demands that mama help him along. He's got a little more hair and is making a little more noise. He babbled for a while, but now it's lots of ooooooohs and aaaaaaaaahs, with a grunt here and there for punctuation. His new thing is clapping. And he does it all the time. When he's happy, when he's sad, when he's mad....I think he thinks it means something, but I'm not sure what. I have a Baby Signs book, so I'll have to pull it off the shelf and see if we can help him communicate. Though it might be a double edge sword...I feel like a bath. I want a fresh diaper! RUB MY FEET! I already get that one. The Baby Sign for that? Sticking your feet in mamas face until she grabs one and then cry when she lets go.

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