Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Go Hokie...Basketball!?

I never really follow college basketball. Perhaps occasionally participating in sweet sixteen bracket polls, but without a clue of who is good or bad. I just randomly advance one team or another based on rankings. I, unlike J (and most men, I think) need an emotional investment to enjoy watching sports. I need to want someone to win. So if a team I love isn't playing, or if they are not directly effected by the outcome (or if I don't have money riding on it) I don't watch. That's why college basketball has never made it onto my TV schedule. I could really give a crap about basketball dynasties the likes of Duke and UNC. That is, unless...

The Hokies are kicking their asses!

Um, wha?

Ok, looks like I'll have to bone up on some hoops knowledge. And tonight they play FSU! And I HATE me some Seminoles! With their lame tomahawk chop accompanied by what can only be described as the most annoying chant/song thingy in college sports? (USC's little march diddy a close second...sorry Dad) Emotional investment? Check! Yay, my winter Hokie drought may just be over. And I need a little Hokie love after...well, you know.

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Linda said...

I call basketball "dribbling". I love to watch golf which Dawn calls "watching grass grow". I usually choose the underdog just for fun.