Friday, April 21, 2006

A turkey won't be the only thing coming out of the oven in November

I am not a liar. I swear. I didn't know when I wrote that. So even though my statement was not true, I thought it was true, even though it wasn't.

What am I going on about? I'm pregnant!

The little gobbler will be coming just in time for Turkey Day! Which really is perfect. It far enough before Christmas that the whole Birthday present - Christmas present issue will be diminished, it will be easier to celebrate with family, and most importantly, when I'm huge it won't be 100 degrees outside. Nor will it be freezing, well not REALLY freezing. At least I don't think so. Actually, I think they have White Thanksgivings as often as the rest of the country has White Christmas' up there. Hmmm, something to look into.

So we are super excited! Though the timing is interesting, as we are preparing the big move. New place, new jobs, new family member! And I don't know if anyone will hire me knowing that I'm pregnant. Though legally they aren't allowed to consider that, I'm sure they do, and I wouldn't feel right not telling them.

But those are all things that will work themselves out. Right now I'm concentrating on packing and napping. Oh boy, naps! I can't seem to eat anything without my body going into a coma. As if all other faculties need to be shut down to allow digestion to take place. I'm at 8 weeks right now, so they say only 4 more weeks of this exhaustion, then onto the super charged energy and giddiness of the 2nd trimester! Let's hope it's not a myth...I am counting on it.

So there you have it! I'll try to be better about keeping up the blog and letting everyone know how it's going. I will probably purge my thoughts and write down my inner debates about some issues, as there is a lot to consider. I won't pretend to be the expert on anything, after all, I've never done this before. But I hope to become more knowledgeable and equip myself with information that will allow me to make the best decisions for me and my family.

I predict most of my blog will contain venting regarding my growing girth and comfort level...and perhaps a little "too much information" here and there, though for your sake I'll try to keep that to a minimum. I am so excited! So happy to finally share this with you. And I'm sure Mom and Dad are happy it's out of the bag, so they can talk about it.

Oh! and now we can start the Grandparent moniker debate! Grandma and Grampa? Grammy and Gramps? Oma and Opa? Boppy and Poppy?


MarylandMommy said...

Congrats girlfriend! Lana called me today & told me to check your blog! How exciting for both of you! I just talked to your mom & she sounds SO excited! Keep us posted!

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

congrats to you on the baby! here from MM site. :)

momto3blessings said...

Congratulations I wish you a Happy and Healthy nine months.

Linda said...

Congrats! I hope you enjoy the new experiences. I like Poppy & Boppy myself.

Ju said...

Visiting from Marylandmommy's. Congrats on your new addition. I know you must be super excited. My daughter was just born four days after Christmas, so we have the whole birthday present - Christmas present confusion. Also, it's hard to plan her birthday parties around Christmas. Hope you have a healthy pregnancy. And yes, you do appear to regain your energy back when the 2nd trimester hits.

Anonymous said...

congratulations-I'm so excited

love, mom

Anonymous said...

Everyone around here is very excited about your news. We all want to know how you are gatting along,
so keep us posted. I'm havibg problems. Aunt Lana