Monday, February 20, 2006

Bayou and Blackjack

So as I stated before, last weekend I went to Florida. Sorry I haven't updated since I've been back, but the experience was a little trying. Not the visit, but the trip back. I mused that perhaps Mother Nature had a cruel joke in store, and yes she did! I calculated it, I spent 17 hours either in and airplane or airport on Sunday. Fun!

It all started at the Tallahassee airport at 8am. Though my flight was rebooked for 5pm, my Dad's wasn't, and he was my ride. His flight left at 8:30. I sat for a while, but had luckily rebooked my 5pm Orlando flight to Noon. So at Noon I headed to the land of Mickey Mouse to sit until my flight to Hartford left at 7:30. There is not a lot to say about the next 7 hours, but here are a few choice observations.

  • Cellphone chargers for models pre-1998 are not availabe. So if your cellphone dies, and you are remiss enough to forget your charger, the "Wireless Connection" store cannot help you.

  • You can buy 4 minutes of talk time on a pay phone for $1. Which leads to a lot of absurdly short phone calls to everyone you know while you are board to tears in the Orlando airport.

  • Apparently, racially charged epithets are ok if you are from a 'northern' state and not from the the deep south. I will not go into detail.

  • When you are in a large international airport, you should inquire that there might be more than what you see. I spent 2 hours in the D gate, but was eventually enlightened that there was a 'Main Terminal' which was more glorious than I could have ever imagined.

It was a nice trip. I got to see the house my folks are building. It's going to be quite nice! I look forward to visits when it's all done. Just hope the weather is better.

It is President's Day today and just got back from a trip to Foxwoods (casino). This was a Christmas present from J, as he knows how much I love black jack. And now that love affair has blossomed, as I turned my $400 into $845!! Not quite as good as the Powerball people, but I'll take it!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you made it home safely. I knew you were in trouble when you complained about the temps. Linda