Thursday, September 01, 2005


Things are moving along. We have started painting...will hopefully finish that up this weekend. The carpenters are working to get the trim up. The bath floors are in, but unfortunately covered with paper to protect them, so you can't see what they look like. Here are the pics!

Jay hard at work painting the hallway "barely beige"

Hardly any painting completed and no trim up...but it's starting to take shape

This is looking through our new closet into the bathroom in the back

Ok...well those pictures where from earlier this week. These next few I took today.

A little more paint is done.

Looking down the hallway towards the Master Bedroom door.

Master Bedroom. The closet door is to the right

Looking through the closet towards the bathroom...hmmm, what is that I see back there?

It's our new tile shower!!!! Yippee! My favorite part.

Things should hopefully start moving a little quicker. We have carpet going in next week and all the fixtures should go in then. We hope to move back up stairs and get the bed out of the foyer by the third week of September. Here's to hoping!!

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MarylandMommy said...

Looking good!!! Love the bathroom tile!!!