Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hello everyone!

I know I have been lazy about putting up photos. Sorry about that. In the past few weeks it's been mostly electricians and plumbers, so there hasn't been much change visually. However, now the drywaller is hard at work so things are starting to take shape.

This is looking up our stairs. You can see the new skylight which will provide much needed natural light to an otherwise dark and window-less area.

Looking towards the guestroom door. The entrance to the new guest bath is on the left. When this is done, there will be a nice maple banister around the stairs.

Standing in front of the guestroom door looking towards our bedroom door.

This is in our bedroom looking towards where previously we had the bed. The doorway to the new closet and bath is to the right.

This ones kinda blurry. It's looking through the doorway, into our new walk-thru closet and the bath at the end. That's the shower you see at the end.

Our bedroom. I put this one in to show the new ceiling height...I guess you can kinda tell. The door is to our front balcony.

Well, that's how it looks today. Next week we will have the floors in the baths put in and the painting will begin.

Hope everyone is doing great! Oh....and Tubbs says hi!

Kirstin and Jay

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