Monday, November 19, 2012

H Obx L G A (2012)

Ah well, so much for posting more often.

Yesterday I got  my Holga roll from the beach back and I thought yay!  I have something to share.  I really do love having the little plastic camera on vacation. And last year, after getting my favorite holga photo to date , I wouldn't dream of heading to the beach without it. With only 12 exposures it frees me from snapping away like a crazy person, with some self inflicted imperative to capture every moment.  And with all the sand and salt, I don't have to fret about my more expensive gear.  Blowing sand . . . nothing takes the carefree vibe of the beach away so quickly, hovered over my camera, back to the wind with a grimace.  Though I think last years pics turned out a bit better (not that it's a contest or anything) I'm beginning to like the tradition of a beach roll of Porta 800.  I see an album in our future!

(but first I'm going to have to talk to my local developers. I have them scan my negatives with each roll of film and YIKES! these are filthy!)

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