Wednesday, August 18, 2010

workin mom woe.

I'm kinda going through one of those 'be careful what you wish for' kinda days. I have been tethered to my computer pouring over photos and editing for hours. My sore fingers from holding a camera for 7 hours have given way to different sore fingers from all the mouse clickin. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I am super excited that I have gotten so much work since I've put my photography services out there. My portfolio has grown and I am feeling a little more legit each day.

It's the concept of 'working' again. Doing something for someone other than the boys or friends seems so strange. To have responsibilities aside from my family is something I'll need to get used to again. Being away a bit too. I've only left for a day at a time, but I've already missed a milestone! What? I've spent every minute of everyday with these guys and Sam picks the afternoon I'm shooting my first wedding to do....THIS!

That was two weeks without pedals (I know the video says 8 days, I think it was actually 11). Then VIOLA! I'm convinced this is really the way to learn how to ride a bike. Well at least is was definitely the way Sam should learn how to ride a bike. WOO HOO buddy! Wish I was there for the first pedal pushin. Thank you iPhone!


Anonymous said...

Good job Sam!

love Grandma

anniebel said...

That is soooo amazing!! You Rock Sam!!!