Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Boy there's a lot to report since we got back from the beach. We've been busy adjusting to some new dynamics, and trying on a few new hats to see how they fit. So far, so good.

First. Sam started preschool! Any apprehension I had about this has quickly dissipated. He's totally loving it. And I'm loving the bit of time I get in a Sam-free zone. And that's a zone where things get done. It's utterly amazing. Of course Joe is still here, but he's a different animal.

So what am I doing with this bit of time? I know I should be finally getting to some projects, messes, laundry, yardwork, cooking, organizing, purging that has been nagging at Jay me. However, instead I decided to fill it with something that will suck even MORE time from me.

I am a professional photographer.

Oh that sounds so, um, crazy. But really, I AM. And not just because I say it. Because I'm getting paid. And that's the defining characteristic! So even though it feels weird to say it. It's true. It's my job. And it's a job I was born to do. So Oprah, I'll stop cursing your flippant, unrealistic advice, and "do what I love." Don't let it go to your head.

So yeah, I have a job now! And even less time to do laundry.

post script: So I won't be chattering on too much around here about the photography thing, I hope to keep this blog up about family and home stuff. You know, the boys, the garden, the depressing status of laundry... Of course, there will be some overlap, but in general I'll keep the professional separate. If you're interested in that stuff too, I'm working on getting it all organized here. Bear with me, under construction.

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