Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trip to the lake.

Back from another wonderful week with family. We've been so lucky this summer with people wanting us to go places with them. Well, I'm sure they were happy to have Jay and I, but it's really all about the boys now isn't it.

We were lucky to find a great lake house not far from Burlington, up on Lake Eden. Gorgeous house, boat dock, swim platform, loons, kayaks...all we needed was a bit more sunshine. But there was enough to coax everyone out for swims. Sam couldn't get enough of it. I wish I had taken more pictures of his escapades in the lake, but since Jay still had to head to town to work, I was the lifeguard and in the water myself. Not really conducive to photo taking. But let me tell you, that kid was having a ball. He had gotten a taste of it in Ocean City and was raring to go. Squeals of glee. Good thing he wore a life vest, because he was so enthralled by all the water and splashing and pool noodles, he really wasn't paying attention. Need to get that kid into some swimming lessons. Only in Vermont do the kids learn to snowboard before they learn to swim.

A few days after we arrived, and after Sam asking every five minutes, Kaylee!

Oh, and Danielle and Ken too of course. I will soon barrage you with a zillion photos of little miss Jones, as she was an interesting new subject for my camera. Stay tuned.

Most days we just hung around the house and the lake. Swam, took the kayaks out. We had a nice little campfire down by the lake one evening.

Mmmm. Marshmallows.

But we did make a few excursions. I finally made it to Ben and Jerry's. Cool little tour. Lots of tourists, but for free minute old ice cream who cares. Not me. Yum.

On Friday, we headed to the Lamoille County Field Days. Legit. Loved it. SO much better than the Chittenden fried dough gross fest. Oh, they had fried dough. But it was all just less...icky. I suppose the fact it was a Friday helped. Probably a different scene on Saturday. We had no trouble seeing all the animals, and they all seemed pretty chill and enjoying their own little vacation at the fair.

I appreciated being nestled in the mountains, the small crowds, the farmers, the pies. The really, really nice people that probably look forward to volunteering all year...and call you 'hun'. Local crafts, veggies and livestock all up for ribbons.

I must say, however, I was disappointed in the knitting. The blue ribbon crochet and knitting? Acrylic. Seriously? There were sheep right there. In the barn next door. That's what they're for. Unless you like mutton I guess. It's like putting Log Cabin on your Sugar n Snow.

Sorry, the yarn snob in me coming out...and I guess the maple syrup snob too.

I suppose the highlight was getting the kids together.

Cousins. It's so cool to know they will have a string of memories that they can share together.

Kaylee falls right in the middle of Sam and Joe, so she was the perfect little playmate for either.

Though I'm pretty sure Sam managed to monopolize her time...

Thanks Mom and Dad! It was wonderful.

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