Monday, June 07, 2010

Yard sale and yarn

It's been a while since I've said hello. Now is good a time as any as we had a pretty busy weekend. Allow me to bore you with the details...

Saturday was the neighborhood yard sale.

(Innis, co-manager of toy testing).

We thought it was going to be a wash out, but luckily by mid morning the rain had stopped. Still, it slowed the traffic so perhaps not as successful as previous years. As usual, I waited until the last second to rummage through the basement to gather things up to go out, so we didn't have a whole lot of stuff anyway. Next year! Next year I will be more organized and really do a purge. And yes, I say this every year. It was nice to get rid of some of our junk, but of course I also acquired some stuff. Not sure I feel like our load is much lighter.

But it was so worth it. Not only did I make $50, but really yard sale day is a wonderful day. You get to sit outside and reconnect with so many neighbors you kinda forgot existed or never see. And Jay watched the boys all day, because he's not really up for the hagglin and small talk. So I sat with friends, knitting and chatting and taking peoples money. The boys loved it too. All the people! All the stuff!

Worth the effort I would say. Hell, I wish we could have another one this weekend.

Sunday there were big plans to have a yarn dying day with the ladies.

Again, the rain came down. But we had tents set up from the yard sale, so we just commandeered those and went for it.

I am sad to report that my efforts did not turn out very well. I used a very thick grey yarn and it was kinda hard to see what what was happening. It is now hanging in my shower drying and it is clear I need to take another stab at it. So today I'm ordering some dye and hopefully I'll be able to bring the yarn to the cranberry/burgundy goodness I intended. Right now is mauve with a bit of blood spatter. blah.

I am however, waiting on pins and needles to see how everyone else's yarn turned out.

There was beautiful blue, which I spied while it was steaming in the pot that looks gorgeous. And an attempt at some self striping and some roving from our resident spinner

Tonight is actually knitting night, but I'm not sure I can make it. I have some sort of head/lung sickness starting and I feel pretty crappy. We shall see.

And of course, since it's now Monday, all the rain has stopped and it's a beautiful sunny morning. I can only imagine the weeds in the garden. So, we're headed to a very wet backyard, garden gloves in hand. Oh, and I should probably take down the tent in the driveway too. And do laundry. ugh. At least the grass is still too wet to mow, so I don't feel like I have to do that.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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