Wednesday, June 16, 2010

State of the Garden - June

Here it is. In 'need to be mowed' state. I had aspirations to keep it better weeded than last year, and perhaps I have, however by no means to the level I had hoped. I also hoped to keep a 'garden journal' with notes, ideas, plans...again, failure. Perhaps it's not too late. Because, no matter how happy you are with how things are going now, your brain is always drifting off to next year. Then next year comes, and you forget.

Anyway, starting from the top along the fence...

In the back left corner you can just see one of my zuchinni plants peeking out. There are two over there along with two small blueberry bushes (new this spring!).

In the back bed is my strawberry patch. So sad this year.

Some sort of critter is getting at the goodness before it has a chance to ripen. We've gotten one. ONE. Next year? Nets. I would write that in my garden journal if I had one.

To the right of the strawberry bed is the compost heap. And then follow that along around to the back side of the garage (where you can't see) to the potting bench. To the right of the potting bench I have some sunflowers planted, but they aren't really doing much. About 2 inches tall and little chunks munched away.

In the first front bed I have four tomato plants (2 heirloom, beefsteak and cherry), 3 basil plants and oregano.

There is also a rogue tomato plant that popped up from the seeds of last years fallen. I assume it will be a cherry, based on location. We shall see! A little excitement in the garden.

Next to that is my garlic. Coming along well. I have 3 varieties, which I neglected to write down. I know at least 2 are hardneck, as the scapes have started to curl.

I plan to make this on Thursday...

In the next bed are onions (red and sweet), a cucumber plant and a tuft of chives. And that concludes our tour.

The big plan for next year is to move the strawberries out of the back bed, and use as ground cover around the blueberries. Then plant greens and maybe some peas in that bed. This would be a huge step forward in my gardening. Right now, my garden is kind of lazy. I mean, garlic and onions just sort of grow. They don't really require much tending too. And zuchinni, well zuchinni is the weed of the garden. I've never heard anyone complain of a bad zuchinni harvest. The tomatoes, cucumber and herbs are really the plants I try to keep an eye on and "help" when needed. And even they don't need that much. It's really all about the weeding.

I'll be curious to see how it fares after a week of being away. Vacation starts Friday!


anniebel said...

Great garden!!! Everything looks wonderful! We have a couple of tomato plants and a couple of herbs, Basil, Oregano and Peppermint. I too am wondering how they will fair while away. I got a little carried away with the basil. I need a lesson in cutting it back. I think I could make a big batch of Pesto right now!! But it smells sooooo good! I think we'll be ok if we get a bit of rain during the week. Just a little bit!

K said...

nice thing about pesto is that you can freeze it! Make a bunch, put them in ice cube trays then take all the pesto cubes and put them in a freezer bag. I wish I had that much basil...maybe by the end of summer.

see you Friday!