Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ready to work.

One of the problems living in Vermont is that Spring is a tease. I spend the last third or so of winter begging for it, and without fail, once it shows up, it's only for a moment. It plays a coy game of peek-a-boo, bringing the promise of warmth and light, only to retreat leaving the all too familiar cold and bluster. And it's hard to be patient. Every time a late snow or freeze hits, you hear stories about the plants people have lost, or at least the scramble to cover them up. After my veteran two whole years as a vegetable gardner, I know better. But it's hard. You just want to start.

Some of you may have heard about our snow a week or so ago. Yeah, no fun. Thank goodness I didn't have anything in the ground yet. The snow has been followed by a string of beautiful weather. I've tended all my beds, weeded and applied some mulch to the perennials. I added some great new additions from the neighborhood swap as well as from thoughtful friends and neighbors. The tulips are in full bloom and today seemed like the perfect day to get the tomato plants. At the garden center I noticed the tomatoes where still being kept in the greenhouse.

Casually I asked "so, you think it's safe to plant some tomatoes now, right?"

"Um, no."

It's common to hear that you should wait until after Memorial Day to plant things like tomatoes. At least I think that's when they say to wait. I don't really pay attention. All I know is that it's always WAY after I am able to actually wait. So maybe I don't know better after all.

"Definitely wait until after Sunday. You heard about Sunday right?" Well, obviously I hadn't. "33."

Seriously? pth.

Damn Spring, get your act together. I don't want to wait. So yeah, it's more me than Spring itself that is causing all my consternation. I could benefit from a little more patience. Lord knows Sam would. Maybe I'll start to work on that. While I'm waiting

So, in the meantime we're busy watching empty beds.

Well, except for the garlic which is planted in fall and pops up with the daffodils in April. And the strawberries are alert and have lots of little white blooms. But no tomatoes. And after all, isn't it all about the tomatoes? I'm ready for some salsa.

And someone's itchin' to pluck his very first cherry...


anniebel said...

Love reading your blog!! Spring will come and too soon winter again!

KL said...

Thanks! And thank you for mailing the charger...I swear I can't go anywhere without leaving something behind. You're the best!