Friday, April 16, 2010


Living in Vermont and having two boys born on the cusp of very long winters makes the summer toy thing a little difficult. For instance, we've been thinking of upgrading Sam's bicycle situation. Or rather tricycle situation. A lot of kids would get a bike for Christmas. But to give a kid a shiny new bike in December, with 4 months of snow ahead of him, is just mean. And Sam was born on December 6th, so his birthday isn't much better. We've though of instituting a Spring Holiday, when they could get one nice new outside-in-the-sunshine toy. But what would that be? Spring Equinox? May Day? This year, it will probably just be "when the UPS man brings it" Day. But in the future, I'd like to have more tradition around it. I am open to ideas.

I have to admit the thought of Sam rolling on two wheels is a little frightening. Caution is not in his DNA. And breaks? He doesn't understand them. The whole pedals backwards thing. I doubt he'd be able to employ that in an emergency. And I'd bet there is an emergency in our future.

So I had been eyeing a neighbors balance bike. It's a very Danish looking contraption. Made of wood. And watching their little guy push his way around the block it seemed like a great idea. But not only does it cost a mint, the fact it's made of wood? Yeah, Sam breaks stuff made of wood. I'd give it a month. That idea is out.

Then while I was at a friends house (dying yarn!) they had this great bike. After doing research, this is what they decided on for their boys. And I'm all about letting someone else do the leg work. Yep, this is the bike. This will work for Sam. Steel. No training wheels. A chance to balance in spurts and lean into turns. And breaks? Your feet. Instinctual and effective. Love it.

Click pic for cheesy demo video...

And what the video doesn't show you is that you can stand on the platform and push with one foot like a scooter too.

Happy Tax Day, Sam!

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anniebel said...

Looks cute! And Joe can grow into it too!